Visakhapatnam Popular Foods


Punugulu Karam is a famous snack place in MVP Colony that sells this delicacy. Punugulu is a deep-fried snack made with urad dal and rice batter. These crispy orbs are served with peanut and coconut chutneys. Make sure you reach there before 7pm, otherwise you will miss the party as the place gets very crowded and you may not get your plate full of scrumptious Punugulu.


There are many places in Vizag like Sairam Parlour and Venkatadri Vantillu, where you get a tasty dosa. But as we are talking about street food, it is unfair to not mention about this particular tiffin cart in the city. A bunch of guys migrated from Guntur to Vizag to treat the city with crispy and delicious dosas. The chutneys here make people come again and again. Its not unusual to see a traffic jam on this road every morning, as people come from near and far to eat breakfast here.

Liver Kebab

Imagine yourself being tired from a long day and being treated with a hot chicken kebab stick and a lemon soda. This series of kebab stalls offer a variety of snacks including liver kebab, mutton kebab, chicken kebab, and boneless fish fry. Make sure you go there hungry otherwise you may regret not being able to eat everything on offer.


There are many places in the city which offer top-class idli, but, for a midnight snack, head to Vizag Railway station and treat yourself with a hot plate of Idli with tomato chutney. Railway station Idli is a delicious last resort food option for those hungry college students and employees who burn the midnight oil and are looking for something to eat.

Bongu Chicken (Bamboo Chicken)

Although Bongu Chicken is not widely available in the city of Vizag, this is a popular dish in Araku, a hill station near Visakhapatnam which is famous for its thick forests and valleys. Bongu Chicken is prepared by stuffing an empty bamboo stick with marinated chicken and burning it on coals for a smokey flavour. Enroute Araku, you can find many vendors on the roadside preparing this wild dish. Even though it is a bit expensive (Rs. 500-800 per kilo), Bongu Chicken is totally worth its price.

Tomato Bajji

This is yet another superstar on the Visakhapatnam beaches. The tomato flesh is scooped out and the gramme flour (besan) coated tomatoes are deep fried and cut in half like cups. These tomato cups are filled with a sauce that is similar to Muri Mixture and served with crunchy peanuts. Tomato Bajji is a dish that everyone in Vizag enjoys, rich or poor. Other varieties can be tried with bread and brinjal.

Masala Batani

Masala batani is another inexpensive but delicious street food that can be found along the city's beach roads. Chopped onions, boiled peas, a dash of lemon, and tomatoes make up the snack. It comes in a cute paper cone, and you will get a slice of dry palm leaf to use as a spoon.