Preparation of Abstract


ASICON provides the largest and the best podium to show case the scientific work done by the members of the Association of Surgeons of India. Such scientific work will be accepted by ASI under the following categories.

  • Best State Chapter Paper: - One Best paper selected by the State Chapter will be accepted in this category. Endorsement from the State Chapter on the authenticity of paper is needed.
  • Best Research Paper: - Fundamental / Clinical research on any subject related to surgery is acceptable in this category.
  • Best Paper: - Any original work done is acceptable in this category.
  • Best Poster: - Will Be Done As E-Posters Only.
  • Dr C Palanivelu Best Post graduate Paper:- Open only to bonafide PG students
  • Dr C Palanivelu Best Video: - Open to members below 40 years only.

*All single case reports will be included in poster category only.

The above categories are competitive in nature and are open to trainees and young surgeons below 40 yrs. First three positions in all categories carry certificates of merit from ASI.
Knowledge and work of any member can be shared in non-competitive way in the following categories. All presenters will get a certificate of presentation from ASI.

  • Free Paper:- Open to all members
  • Faculty Paper:- Open to Faculty only- Certificate from Head of Institution is needed.
  • Innovation:- Any new innovations developed can be included in this category.

The Presenter should be the member of ASI

Format for abstract of the paper.

  • Use Word format and Times New Roman letters.
  • Title in all capitals and text in single spacing with font size 12 for both
  • Should contain less than 300 words.
  • The abstract must contain AIMS & OBJECTIVES, METHODS, RESULTS & CONCLUSION.
  • Comments like “Results will be discussed” will not be accepted.
  • You may add a line diagram or table in the abstract.

General Instructions

  • Last date for receipt of abstract is 31st October 2023.
  • The presenting author should be a member of ASI.
  • Not more than 2 papers will be accepted from the same presenter.
  • Scientific Committee reserves the right to assign the paper to any session it deems fit.
  • Proof of Registration of the presenter in ASICON 2023 is a must for accepting any paper & Poster
  • There should be a covering letter with a declaration by the presenter that the work is carried out by him / her and team if any and has not been presented or published by him /her earlier.
  • Covering letter should have a mention the category to which the presenter wishes the paper to be included. This should also contain the ASI membership number of the Presenter.
  • The abstract of the Paper & Poster, Covering letter with declaration, proof of registration and proof of age for competitive categories shall be upload it to ASICON 2023 portal

General Rules

  • The received papers will be acknowledged immediately by the office and if there is any deficiency, the same will be intimated.
  • Only those papers received with full specifications alone will be considered.
  • The Selection committee has the right to shift the Paper into any category based on the merit of the paper and decision of the committee shall be final.
  • Once the Selection process is completed the Presenters of all the accepted papers will be intimated into which category the paper is assigned, its format, rules and regulations.